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Fixed flat taxes There is no doubt that Bulgaria is the “outsourcing star” in Europe. The following tax rates were instated in 2007: These attractive rates can only be changed if at least two thirds of parliament approves. Low operational costs Bulgaria has the lowest operational costs in the entire European Union: very low tax rates, […]

Belgium For every euro paid by a Belgian employer to his employee, the employer pays a total of 2.34 euros. In other words, a Belgian employer pays 2.34 euros to pay 1 euro to his employee and more than twice that amount (1.34 euros to be precise) is swallowed by ‘the system’. Bulgaria An employer […]

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Taxable persons Taxable persons include all legal and natural persons, both residents and non-residents, who perform taxable activities. Persons with a taxable turnover of more than BGN 50,000 during the 12 preceding months by performing taxable activities delivered in Bulgaria must register with the VAT administration. This is also so for foreigners who provide taxable […]