Greek company to invest and hire 250 people

The new factory ship equipment (fenders) “Oceanfenders” Ltd., owned by the Greek company Lalizas, will start working in Pernik until the end of this year, according to BNT. The company, which is housed on the site of the old spinning mill in the city is looking to hire a total of 250 people.

According to the information there are currently running experimental machine tests. The activities are monitored by foreign supervisors who will train the new employees. According to Miroslav Todorov, director of the factory, the production is specialized and has secured markets. He explains that the plant will produce also other parts of the shipping industry as tents and rescue vests.

“We believe that we will find the right people for our needs. Pernik has a long tradition in the field of metallurgy, mechanical engineering, there are many well-trained technical staff and we hope that will be able to rely on them for our future plans, “said Miroslav Todorov.

The interest in getting a job there is already high. They are looking for workers with secondary education, good labor discipline and willingness to work in shifts. Payment is expected to be above average for Pernik. The Bureau of Labour in the mining town welcomes the appearance of the investor, they see how the local have a chance to stay and earn a living in the city, instead of traveling daily to Sofia.
” By now we have send about 20 people who meet the requirements they have indicated,” said Rosen Simeonov, director of the Labour Bureau – Pernik. Until now, the investor has invested over 5 million Lev in the economy of Pernik. Upon successful development of the activity it will provide jobs and subcontractors who will deal with logistics, catering and transport services.