We are not only here to help you with the usual matters like the incorporation of the Bulgarian company, accounting, opening a bank account… No, thanks to our extensive network we are able to offer much more than that. Our 20 years of experience in international tax planning is also a useful asset. Feel free to visit us at our offices in Antwerp, Schiphol or London for an intake meeting during which we can provide you with all the information you need about Bulgaria. We can set up a Bulgarian company for you, including bank account, without requiring your presence in Bulgaria at any time.

What else can we do for you, besides setting up a Bulgarian company?

Below you will find a selection of our services. Like always, we work with transparent prices and lump sums.

A selection of our services:

Incorporation of a company

  • Incorporating at the Commercial Register
  • Handling initial registration stages
  • Opening of business bank account
  • Couple of weeks for your company and bank account to be ready

Accounting and tax formalities

  • Effective bookkeeping
  • Record keeping
  • Tax planning
  • Payroll
  • VAT handling
  • General accountancy

Market research

  • Local market analysis for companies looking to enter the marketplace in Bulgarian
  • Local market analysis for starting a new business in Bulgaria

Human Resources

  • Finding suitable staff
  • Outsourcing

International tax planning for your Bulgarian company

Translation and interpretation services

Searching for local partners

Assisting in takeovers

Arranging all kinds of formalities

Assisting in the delocalisation of your company

Finding residential and industrial real estate

Assisting in the move to Bulgaria and obtaining Bulgarian ID with all tax benefits

Contacts with local authorities

Assisting in obtaining EU subsidies in order to do business in Bulgaria

And much more …