Iven De Hoon: Manager and CEO Group De Hoon & Partners

Iven De Hoon has 20 years of fiscal and legal experience. For more than 10 years he was editor in chief of the wide-spread Belgian fiscal information letter “Tips en Advies Belastingen” (Tips & Advice – taxes) and “Tips en Advies Vastgoed” (Tips & Advice – real estate) at publishing company Indicator, which still works very closely with him for several publications.

Iven De Hoon wrote a number of books and articles on taxation. His trademark is a smooth, open style. Even the toughest subjects become understandable and captivating. Next to asset planning, his biggest passion is international taxation, especially everything offshore. He has, without a doubt, become the offshore specialist of the Benelux.Recently he wrote a enlightening book on the matter: “Belastingparadijzen (Tax Havens”), and how to make yourself invisible to the tax inspector (published in Dutch and French) published by Roularta.

Iven De Hoon is educated as a lawyer with additional specialisation at the acclaimed Vlerick Institute.

Contact: iven@dehoon-dhp.com

Jolanda van den Broek, Senior partner

Jolanda is a Dutch national, permanently residing in Bulgaria. After studying economics in The Netherlands she followed an advanced real estate training and worked as a commercial property valuer in The Netherlands. In 2003 she moved to London, practicing International Valuations, Investment Management and Fund Management (commercial property). She has been living in Bulgaria since 2009 and speaks Bulgarian fluently, building up an extensive local network. Besides running a business in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2014 she also became senior partner and manager of the Sofia office for De Hoon & Partners, with offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Sofia and Dubai. Being fluent in Dutch, English and Bulgarian and with a sufficient understanding of German, she will be delighted to assist with your requirements to make your international business plans run smoothly.

Contact:  jolanda@vitosha-itc.bg


Juliano will assist you during the process of service you require. Graduated from UNWE – Sofia with bachelor’s degree of International Economic Relations and well trained to assist you in the process of incorporation, investment opportunities, resident planning or any kind of help that you need in order to achieve your business plans.

Do not hesitate to reach us via email, phone and we will answer to every question you have.

Contact: juliano@vitosha-itc.bg


Tania holds a Master of Social Psychology from Sofia University. She has worked as Office Coordinator in big companies for more than ten years and gained proficiency in organizing and coordinating day to day work. Apart from her native languages Bulgarian and Spanish, she is fluent in English and also speaks Italian and Dutch. As the office manager of the De Hoon & Partners office in Sofia, Tania will be able to arrange meetings during your stay in Bulgaria and assist in the administrative process where required. If you need any assistance, you can always contact Tania, who will be happy to help you further or put you in contact with the right person for your business needs.

Contact: tania@vitosha-itc.bg